Choose the right fencing for both security and budget

Choosing the right fencing for a property is very important. It can give security, durability, and value of money whilst enhancing the appearance of your property. Deciding on the type of fencing to suit your needs, and can give the best level of protection and security can be difficult. Here are some tips to select the right fencing:

Security level
The security level of the fencing depends upon the area or property you want to secure. Be sure to select the right fence, maybe palisade fencing or security could be within your budget.

a) Palisade fencing
Palisade fencing provides medium security for commercial properties and may also prevent robberies & / or intruders.

b) Security fencing
Security fencing is recommended for a stronger deterrent. They can still look attractive, and are available in many different designs and colours.

Number of posts
The amount of posts required to fix fences can cause a direct effect on your budget. There may be a compromise so ask a qualified fitter for their expert advice.

Although you will be using money that you do not wish to spend, Security is paramount and neglecting this will result in more insurance claims / lost goods / feeling exposed, none of which are a better solution. In fact, these situations will almost certainly cost more money and the hassle too!