Expert telescopic bollard installation in Redditch and Bromsgrove

Security for your property is something that both domestic homeowners and commercial businesses have to consider seriously, and telescopic bollards, also known as retractable bollards, are becoming a mainstay of property security to guard against criminals and vandals. At Supaseal, we have over a century’s experience servicing customers in Redditch and Bromsgrove and a background of over thirty years in installing high-quality bollards, making us the leading choice for telescopic bollards.

The selling points of telescopic and retractable bollards

For as long as private property has existed, gates and fences have been the go-to method for boundary creation and protecting a home or business. Telescopic bollards remove the need for large gates and fences while providing a high level of security for your property as well as many other benefits, including:

Lift in and out – Telescopic and retractable bollards can be removed easily and secured with a lock or manually retracted.

Hidden in plain sight – The hidden handles and locks are flush with the floor to avoid potential trip hazards and for a neater finish.

Prevent vandalism – Anti-tamper locks fitted as standard help deter damage and vandalism.

Accessible entrances for businesses – Our stainless steel bollards ensure companies are safe from ramming incidents while allowing the public to access the entrance easily.

Save space – Bollards offer a great space-saving option compared to gates and fences.


Bright yellow and stainless steel bollards are available

Our range of telescopic bollards is available in stylish stainless steel suitable for homes and businesses and in yellow for other properties such as healthcare settings. Our bollards are manufactured from high-quality steel and are built to last. If you want to boost the security and finish of the space encompassing your home or business in Redditch or Bromsgrove, call our team today for more information.

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