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Palisade Fencing provides medium to high security on industrial and commercial properties, including schools and public amenities.

Key features are its durability, strength and versatility. It can follow the profile of sloping ground, thus eliminating the need for time-consuming stepping and the cost of securing consequential gaps below the fence. Exceptionally strong and assembled with anti-tamper nuts, it is an excellent barrier and deterrent offering great value for money.

Strengths & Colours

It comes in various strengths, colours and profiles with many educational institutions opting for powder coating in a colour which blends with the surrounds. There is also a choice of security tips with a Triple Pointed & Splayed head offering the greatest deterrent factor on the higher (1.8m+) fences.

Posts have extra top fixing holes for the addition of further security measures such as barbed or razor wire and other anti-scale barriers. This simplifies top additions and thus minimises risk of damage to protective coatings.

We also supply and install matching gate assemblies designed for various types of vehicle and pedestrian admittance.

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Our company understands that you need to be completely assured that your security fencing has been installed to the very highest standard. With twenty years of experience in the trade, our dedicated team of installation professionals can offer you that assurance. From the initial site visit right the way through to the finished fencing, your school or company premises will be in trusted hands. We will carefully survey your site, offer advice and recommendations on the basis of your needs and budget, and provide responsive customer service up to the completion of your project and beyond.

Please read our customer testimonials and feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements. We will be pleased to offer a competitively priced quotation for your palisade security fencing in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

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