Fixed Bollards Supplier & Installer Birmingham

Secure your property and prevent vehicle access with quality Fixed Bollards in Birmingham from Superseal Security. We have more than 20 years experience installing Bollards across West Midlands.

One of the strongest barriers against heavy collision, These are ideal for allowing free passage of pedestrians while preventing vehicles from entering. Examples of this are common in City Centres where they are positioned across the entrance to “pedestrians only” streets.

They come in many different shapes and sizes, with designs for many different uses including:

  • The driveways of unfenced homes which can be made very secure against vehicle theft where the entrance can be gated or fitted with retractable/telescopic and the driveway sides lined with attractive (possibly chained) Fixed Bollards.
  • Parking areas and vehicle lanes where Chevroned and lit Bollards can be very helpful.
  • Public places where Bollards are sometimes strung with chains for aesthetic effect where, if required, one of the links may be padlocked to allow occasional admittance of maintenance vehicles.

All Physical Security

We at Superseal Security offer a full service from inception through to completion of your fixed bollard installation. As a long term feature within premises or town centre locations it is advisable that you employ a team of experienced specialists to ensure that the design and locating of the bollards will achieve the security measures you are aiming to introduce.

We have been working to provide high-quality solutions for customers across Birmingham and beyond for several decades. We offer thorough site assessments and are always willing to discuss your requirements, consider such factors as budget where appropriate, and provide free competitive estimates and quotations for proposed works. Contact us today.