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Rather than the traditional wrought iron gates that have been employed to protect homes and companies, homeowners and business proprietors are now turning to telescopic bollards in Wolverhampton to defend their properties from the risk of vehicle ramming and theft. At Superseal Security, we have over a hundred years of service providing security options to customers in Wolverhampton. For the last thirty years, we have been the ideal choice for bollards and telescopic bollards.

The benefits of installing bollards and telescopic bollards in Wolverhampton

In contrast to ominous looking gates and security fencing, telescopic bollards offer an attractive and functional way to protect your home or business as well as additional benefits such as:

  • Bollards are fully retractable and can be placed neatly into the ground and securely locked
  • Handles and locks fit flush to the floor to ensure they aren’t a trip hazard
  • The bollards feature anti-tamper technology to prevent malicious damage or vandalism
  • Telescopic bollards take up much less space than gates do
  • Bollards allow for customers to walk freely around a business premise whilst eliminating the risk of vehicle ramming
  • Bollards also allow for manual retraction if required

Bollards available in a range of designs

Our bollards are available in a variety of designs, including stainless steel and yellow. The bollards we supply and install are constructed from the best grade steel to ensure they are durable and long-lasting. If you would like to benefit from the many advantages of bollards or telescopic bollards at your home or business in Wolverhampton, contact our friendly sales team today.

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