Bollards Coventry

For both businesses and private homeowners, telescopic bollards, also known as retractable bollards, are fast becoming the protection feature of choice to guard properties and public spaces from the threat of vehicle ramming/theft. With over a century of experience in providing services to customers and thirty years of installing bollards, Superseal is the premier choice for telescopic bollards in Coventry.

The advantages of telescopic and retractable bollards

The traditional method of gates and fences are one way to secure a property or space in Coventry but isn’t always the most welcoming or attractive look. Telescopic bollards provide security as well as a host of other benefits including:

  • These bollards can be lifted out of and lowered back into a recess in the ground and fully locked.
  • Hidden handles and locks fit flush with the earth to prevent them from becoming a trip hazard.
  • All locks are anti-tamper to avoid any damage or vandalism occurring.
  • For businesses, they protect against ramming incidents but also allow for the general public to be able to walk freely around the premises.
  • Space-saving designs that negate the need for large storage area required for gates.
  • Telescopic bollards can be manually retracted if needed.

Sharp designs in stainless steel to standard yellow

We offer a broad range of bollard designs from stainless steel bollards popular with homeowners to yellow bollards typically seen outside of hospitals or GP surgeries. All of the bollards that we supply are constructed from the highest quality steel for long-lasting use.

If you are looking to increase the security, look and space surrounding your home or business in Coventry, call Superseal today for more information about expert bollard supply and installation.