Retractable Grilles

Keep Burglars out with Retractable Security Grilles from Superseal Security in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

It’s bad enough coming home to find precious and often irreplaceable valuables missing, but what would you be doing today, if all your office computers had been stolen last night?

For greater security and for added peace of mind while away from the home or office, you can protect Personal Valuables and Company Assets with attractive and secure Retractable Grilles.

Retractable grilles, also known as collapsible or sliding grilles, can be used as stand-alone protection or they can be connected to other security measures such as alarms, manned guards and response teams, commonly referred to as a Detect-Delay-Respond system.

More attractive than fixed bars or roller shutters, Retractable Grilles have the advantage of being easily opened in the event of a fire or other emergency and folded or slid away when not required. The Ideal choice for window and door security, these grilles come with useful options and advantages such as:

  • Cross face and recessed installation.
  • Choice of locking systems.
  • Crowbar resistant frames.
  • No monitoring costs (stand-alone)
  • No ongoing maintenance costs.

We are a well-recognised and trusted installer of retractable grilles and other security devices. You can be confident that you have made an excellent and reliable choice and can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your security grilles have been properly installed.

Retractable Grilles

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