Quality Security Grilles in Birmingham and the surrounding areas

Need security grilles in Birmingham and the surrounding areas to keep burglars out? Contact Superseal Security, supplier and installer of high quality and secure grilles.

Nobody wants to arrive home to find irreplaceable heirlooms and other precious valuables missing, or arrive at the office (or shop) to find all the computers together with installed software and possibly important data, stolen!

Strong and secure Fixed security Grilles will give you that added peace of mind when away from the home or office.

These are solid and can be fixed very securely in place without having to provide opening or sliding mechanisms. They can be used for stand-alone protection or they can be connected to other systems such as alarms, manned guards and response teams. Combined installations like that are often referred to as Detect-Delay-Respond systems.

Office Security Grilles

Worried about office security? The modular design of our security grilles allows the end user to choose products within their budget. Our products are easy to maintain and offer the highest level of security to your office / business.

Domestic Security Grilles

We have numerous options to ensure our grilles will provide the latest in home security for your home. We are based in Birmingham and the surrounding areas and specifically design grilles to comply with all the latest rules and regulations.

Window & Door Grilles

You can now sleep with your windows/doors wide open without fear of intruders! There is a broad range of security systems too from security grilles for windows / doors to more heavy duty options.

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Strong and Cost Effective Solution

Fixed Grilles cannot be opened or retracted so they cannot inadvertently be left open or unlocked. Perfect for providing very strong and cost effective solution in places where it is not necessary to allow for personnel access or for fire and emergency escape. The Ideal choice for non-display windows, these have no wearing parts and are virtually maintenance free.

The security that fixed grilles offer you can only be fully assured by choosing a well-established and professional installation company. We have been providing security solutions for customers across Birmingham for more than twenty years, and enjoy a well-earned reputation for careful and correct installation of grilles and other features, as you will see for yourself in our testimonials.

We are here to discuss your requirements and offer the best information and advice. Contact us for an informal chat and to organise a visit to your home or premises in Birmingham and the surrounding areas to assess how we can best meet your needs and provide a free, competitively priced quotation as required.