Expanding Grilles

Keep Burglars at bay with Attractive Expanding Security Grilles from Superseal Security in Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Don’t come home to find your hard earned possessions and irreplaceable valuables stolen, or wonder what you will be doing today if all your office equipment, computers and valuable papers have been stolen.

Expanding Grilles can give you that extra security and the peace of mind which comes from knowing that your valuables and Company Assets are protected.

Expandable grilles can be used as stand-alone security protection or they can be connected to security alarms, manned guard houses or even rapid response teams. Integrated systems such as this are often referred to as a Detect-Delay-Respond systems.

More attractive than fixed bars or roller shutters and often easier and cheaper to install than railed Retractable Grilles, Expanding Grilles also enjoy the advantage of being easily opened and shut as and when required, much like any door or window. Expanding grilles come with some useful options and advantages such as:

  • Choice of locking systems.
  • Crowbar resistant frames.
  • No monitoring costs (stand-alone)
  • No ongoing maintenance costs.
Expanding Grilles

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Our company can provide you with all the advice and expertise you require to assure you that your security requirements are properly met. We have many years’ experience across Birmingham and the West Midlands in supplying a variety of security devices and features. Our highly professional team of specialists will ensure that your expanding grilles are fitted correctly and to your full satisfaction.

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Expanding Grilles